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MemRabel 2 is a Calendar Clock with 20 programmable alarms. MemRabel 2 has over 100 professionally recorded audio reminders coving most aspects of daily living. Each voice reminder has an accompanying screen graphic. At programmed alarm times the audio message is repeated for a selectable duration 1 - 30 minutes, while the graphic is displayed on the large screen 6½’’ x 5’’. MemRabel is mains powered with battery backup and is supplied with a remote control for setting up alarms, stopping alarms and playback control of videos, slide shows etc.

You can add your own pictures, voice memos, and videos then use them for playback at alarm times of your choosing. For people who are a little forgetful, MemRabel is an ideal companion and will greatly assist independent living with reminders for blood tests, insulin, medication, eating and drinking.

MemRabel 2




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